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Yoga in Labuan Bajo

You’ve decided that you want an Indonesian vacation, but you want to get away from the crowds, right? Maybe you’re looking for some adventure with some relaxation and yoga mixed in? Flores Island is one of those lesser known gems in Indonesia. Specifically, Labuan Bajo is the perfect hub for enjoying the sights of the Komodo National Park (and you can do so with Azul Unlimited) and now, you can also get your yoga fix too.

The majority of people who come to Indonesia for yoga go immediately to Bali and don’t think to explore. Although Ubud can be nice, it is overly commercialized and not always peaceful. By choosing to go the route less traveled and signing up for yoga in Labuan Bajo, you get away from the gift shops and dive deeper into your own practice. 

Get away from the crowds

I, personally am tired of these overly saturated places. I was teaching in the Playa del Carmen and Tulum area of Mexico and the commercialism of the industry was astounding. It’s exactly what I’ve seen in Bali. When I finally moved to Bacalar, Mexico to teach stand up paddleboard yoga to small classes on a beautiful, quiet lake, I saw what I wanted to create in my classes: intimacy. This is one of the many benefits of teaching yoga in a place like Labuan Bajo. When you join me for a yoga class at Azul Unlimited, you get small classes and personalized guidance. 

Practice in person with me

My students are located all over the world and they continue to practice with me via my free classes on YouTube. Although I love being able to offer yoga classes online, my passion is definitely being in a room with my students.

“Followed you through this practice this morning, after a big run, and loved the release it gave me, not just in my knees but spine/lower back as well (i.e. twists, folds, etc). A very practical sequence with so many benefits. Thank you, Sarah!”

– Megan (re: Yoga for Knee Pain)

Yoga at Azul Unlimited

We offer a few different yoga classes at Azul Unlimited. My asana classes (Vinyasa and Restorative) are 75 minutes long and incorporate breath work, meditation and sound healing. In the mornings, you can join me for guided meditation and kirtan (a joyous, musical call and response of mantras).

If you are interested in joining a class, send me a message via the form below. 

*Multi-Class discounts available