Yoga for Tight Hips

Did you know that sitting in a normal chair, whether it’s while driving in the car or working in your office, is a huge culprit in making your hips so tight?

Although there are many factors to tightness in our bodies, and particularly in the hips, the limited amount of movement that we are required to do on a daily basis in modern life is restricting our range of motion. When range of motion is compromised, that’s where we run into trouble. 

Here’s how it works:

Our hips are involved in our daily movement from the moment we get out of bed. We swing our legs out of the bed and onto the floor and we’ve already engaged our hip space. When we examine the action of sitting in a chair, we literally lower ourselves to half of what our range of motion should be and then our weight is supported by the chair, ie our hips and muscle groups around the hips don’t have to do so much work anymore. Just a plop down and done. Then, for getting up, we do the reverse. We push through half of our range of motion to stand and continue on our way.

So what’s the other half?

It’s the ‘chair level’ down to the ‘buns to heels’ position, which is where people tend to respond with a, ‘heck no, I can’t do that.’

There are other parts of the body that are involved in this particular action, but today for simplicity’s purpose, we’re focusing on the hips. The iliopsoas and hamstrings, in particular, are major players in the ‘pain from sitting,’ game. When we sit, both of these get locked into their shortest position, which over time can actually tilt the pelvis, which can cause a whole slew of problems in the future. BUT don’t worry if you are already experiencing this type of pain, that’s where this little 25-minute practice comes in handy. This is the perfect series of stretches for starting to get movement and flexibility back into this space. 

Join me for this Yoga for Tight Hips Class.

It is perfect for beginners, but as with any beginners yoga class, everyone can join in and get back to the basics.

If you are experiencing a lot of tightness and pain in your hips, try out these exercises, but always be mindful of your capabilities.

In order to regain mobility, we must start moving, but it must be smart movements understanding our unique mechanics.

Do you have questions? Ask me in the comments and I would be more than happy to dive deeper into the topic. 

Also, if getting on the floor to do these exercises is not possible for you, I have some helpful Chair Yoga classes to help you move from the chair onto the floor. You deserve to be pain-free!

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