Shoulder Warm Up

This is the perfect, quick shoulder warm up to get you ready for an arm balancing practice or HIIT workout at home. This is also great for just working on your shoulder mobility and incorporating it into your daily stretches for flexibility. Tight shoulders are usually the result of poor posture and unbalanced usage (ie favoring one side versus the other in strength training or even simple things like always carrying heavy bags on the same shoulder). We combat this tightness by being consistent in our yoga practice!

If you are experiencing tightness in this area, be sure to go slowly through the movements and make adjustments as necessary. Also, try checking out some of my other classes focused on shoulder stretches!

Although all of us are busy these days, it is really important to find time to prep your body for your workouts. Take this short amount of time to properly warm up your shoulders before getting into more strenuous exercises OR, use this as a good shoulder stretch after your work out. Make sure you have a strap handy to work into the arm circles and support yourself through the arm binds. Explore these shoulder exercises with and without a strap just to see the difference in your shoulder rotations and mobility!

Equipment that I use:

Camera: Canon 80D:

Microphone: Rode Mic:

Yoga mat: Jade travel mat:

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