Savasana Music, Sita Ram Savasana Series

This is your moment to enjoy some relaxation music while in savasana or sukasana (easy pose). My savasana music series is all about tuning into the power of mantra meditation and sound healing. You deserve this time to yourself. 

Ram and Sita. Who are they?

This divine couple, husband and wife, are avatars of God on Earth. Sita is Lakshmi’s human form and Rama is Vishnu’s. They are the representation of a perfect human union formed by unconditional love. 

In the mantra, Ram, our perfect man, represents the super Soul along with divine truth. Sita, our perfect woman, represents the primal feminine energy, Shakti. When we chant Sita Ram, we are burning away our impurities and making space for a real connection with God.

For those of you who have been following along with my classes and social media, you know that I am a Krishna devotee. In the timeline of the epic stories of India, Rama was on the planet before Krishna, but they are both Vishnu incarnate. 

Although I focus my devotional practice on the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, I love to play with other mantras. My focus is to find Krishna in all of the various names of God. That’s why I personally believe you can do this mantra practice regardless of what name you know God by (or even if you’re completely unsure or undecided on what that means to you). Connect with the energy and worship what you believe by using these ancient words.

I do hope you enjoy this savasana song! If you do, tell me in the comments below and I will work on making more!

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