Power Yoga for Beginners

Join me in a true sweat-a-thon in this power yoga for beginners class. This is a full, 45 minute class that is guaranteed to build the fire. If you don’t believe me, just scroll through and see how much I sweat while I was filming 😂 embarrassing… 😂 but really, the goal with this class is to help you get stronger, all while burning off any excess crazy energy you’ve been carrying around. The class is a power yoga for beginners class because we will be flowing through strong sequences, but not using any complicated transitions. Therefore, even though this is a ‘for beginners’ class, it is definitely not a ‘complete beginners’ sequence. Power yoga is meant to be fast paced so if you are unfamiliar with yoga poses, check out one of my true beginners classes here:




In this class, we will be flowing through surya namaskars (sun salutations), strong Warrior sequences as well as finishing out with a short and sweet savasana.

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