Minimal Cues Yoga Class – Power Yoga Workout

This week we are powering up with a 30-minute, yoga for advanced practitioners class. This power yoga workout is a minimal cues yoga class so it is perfect for the intermediate or advanced yogi (yoga teachers welcome!). Sometimes, even if we could create our own sequences, it’s nice to be guided through a power vinyasa class without too much cueing. 

I personally really love a strong power yoga flow when I feel like I need a cardio boost. Be ready to warm up quickly and work hard for this half hour class. There is the option to move into forearm stand, but feel free to explore any inversion or use a wall to help you practice them.

If you’d like a nice, long cool down, make sure to explore some of my free stretching or relaxation classes for a well rounded practice. Let me know in the comments if you have any requests for future classes. I am always looking for ways to better serve my online community so don’t be a stranger!

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