Eagle Pose Yoga Flow

Let’s build into this fun, yet challenging balance pose: Garudasana, otherwise known as eagle pose!

We start slowly in this Eagle Pose Yoga Flow class with a good hip warmup before moving into some strong sun salutations. Throw in a dash of strong, standing poses, check in with our balance and badabingbadaboom, we fly like the eagles we know we can be. 

The mechanics behind this pose are interesting due to the fact that we are not just focusing on the lower body. In eagle pose, we are balancing on one foot (and so activating the feet, and NO there are no close-ups of my feet in this video). We are also working the IT band and inner thighs as we cross the legs and go for the wrap around the calf. Then, the upper body comes into play. By bringing the arms in front of the chest and crossing at the elbows, we are finding a nice stretch in the trapezius muscles at the upper back. Add in the second wrap around at the forearms to touch the palms together and we get even more separation of the shoulder blades plus the bonus of the tricep stretch as we lift the elbows slightly. All this while engaging the core and keeping that one foot grounded.

Sound like a lot? It kind of is, but it’s also a great lower body strengthener and stabilizer.

Make sure you finish the practice with a nice savasana accompanied by my Savasana Series: Hare Krishna Maha Mantra!

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Jai Jai Sri Radhe!!

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